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Updated 9/26/2019

Insurance billing experts say that a short explanation of why treatment was performed can make all the difference when insurance carriers are considering whether or not to cover a procedure

Be sure to include a note in the Remarks for Unusual Services box on the insurance claim, and remember to follow these simple rules when writing claim remarks:

  • Keep it short. You’re busy and the consultant who will review the claim is busy. The longer the narrative, the less likely it is to be read, so be brief.
  • Keep it simple. The consultant doesn’t need to know the patient’s entire oral health history. Only include information relevant to the doctor’s decision to follow a specific course of treatment.
  • Recycle. Reuse your narrative wording with narrative templates.

For more information about creating templates for frequently used insurance claim remarks and how to use the templates you create as part of an insurance claim, read the post titled, Creating Claim Remarks Templates or the Entering Remarks for Unusual Services topic in Dentrix Help.