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Updated 9/27/2019

If you love appointment route slips, but wish you could include just a little more (or less) information on them, you should check out the Patient Visit Form. The Patient Visit Form is a customizable route slip that allows you to choose the information that’s included on the form. Select from any of the fields in the Patient Visit Form dialog box to customize the form.

You can generate the Patient Visit Form from the Appointment Book or from the Office Manager.

To generate the form for an individual patient with an appointment:

  1. Select an appointment in the Appointment Book.
  2. Click File > Patient Visit Form.

To generate the form for multiple patients at a time:

  1. From the Office Manager, click Reports > Lists > Patient Visit Form.
  2. Choose to generate the forms for patients who have certain primary providers, appointment providers, or operatories.

Then use the Patient Visit Form dialog box to customize the form to include only the information you prefer.

For more information, read the Customizable Patient Visit Forms  and Route Slips or Patient Visit Forms? Which is Right For Your Office? articles in Dentrix Magazine.