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Updated 9/27/2019

The Find New Appointment Time feature allows you to quickly find available blocks of time in your schedule that match specific criteria that you set. If you are looking for an opening with a specific provider, on a specific day, within a specific time range or time block, let the Find New Appointment Time feature do the searching for you.

  1. In the Appointment Book, click the Find New Appointment Time button.
  2. In the Find New Appointment Time dialog box, select the providers, operatories, days, dates, and times you need for the desired appointment.
  3. Click Search. Dentrix gives you a list of available appointment times that fit your criteria and are within the specified time block.
  4. Select an appointment from the list and click Select. The Appointment Book advances to the date where you can create the appointment.

For more information, see the Finding New Appointment Times topic in Dentrix Help.