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Updated 9/27/2019

Dentrix allows you to manage two different kinds of payment arrangements with your patients: Payment Agreements and Future Due Payment Plans.

  • Payment Agreements can be used when treatment has been completed, and the balance will be paid over time. For example, if a patient has accrued a large balance and has asked to make monthly payments on the balance you would set up a payment agreement.
  • Future Due Payment Plans can be used when treatment will be completed over time, and you want to change an account monthly. For example, if you are completing orthodontic treatment for a patient over a 24-month period, you would set up a future due payment plan to charge a monthly amount.

With payment agreements, Dentrix keeps track of whether a payment has been made by a patient. With future due payment plans, Dentrix keeps track of when to post a charge for the patient.

For more information, see the Setting up Payment Agreements and Creating Future Due Payment Plans topics in the Dentrix Help. Or read the Payment Agreements Benefit You and Your Patients article in Dentrix Magazine.