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Updated 3/29/22

The Aging Report shows all the accounts with a balance in a specific aging bracket. This report can be customized to show a range of patients, providers, billing types, minimum balances, and minimum days past due. This lets you create a report that only shows you the information you want to see without having to weed through information outside your focus.

Let’s say you want to concentrate on accounts that haven’t made a payment in the last 30 days. By default the Aging Report includes all accounts, regardless of their last payment date. But, you can use the Last Pmt Before date to exclude accounts that have made a recent payment. For example, if the date entered in this field is for the prior month, Dentrix excludes any accounts that have made a guarantor payment within the prior month from the Aging Report.

For additional information about how to generate the Aging Report, see the Aging Report topic in the Dentrix Help.