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Updated 3/29/22

At times, insurance carriers will send a partial payment for an insurance claim. You can post the partial payment while still keeping track of the unpaid procedures by splitting the claim. Once the original claim is split into two or more separate claims, you still have all the reports and options available with any unpaid claim.

To split a primary insurance claim:

  1. With a patient selected in the Ledger, from the transaction log, select the primary insurance claim you want to split.
  2. From the Insurance menu, click Split Primary Claim.
  3. Under Claim #1, select the procedure(s) that you want to move to the second claim. Click the Down Arrow button and Dentrix will move the selected procedures to the Claim #2 area.
  4. Click OK to exit. Two claims with the same date appear in the Ledger.

For more information on splitting claims, see the Splitting Claims topic in Dentrix Help.