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Updated 9/27/2019

For most offices, handling insurance claims is a big part of the practice management routine. Dentrix includes several features to simplify claim processing.

Did you know you can use the Dentrix Ledger to not only add procedures to a patient’s treatment plan, but you can also generate a pre-treatment estimate for treatment-planned work?

To create and send a pre-treatment estimate from the patient’s Ledger:

  1. With a patient selected in the Ledger, from the Options menu, click Treatment Plan.
    Note: The Ledger-Treatment Plan view appears with a different background color, to help you know you are in the Treatment Plan view and not the Ledger view.
  2. Only treatment-planned procedures appear in the Ledger-Treatment Plan view. (If there are no treatment-planned procedures, you can add them from this page by clicking Transaction > Enter Procedure.) Select the line item(s) to create the pre-treatment estimate for, and click Insurance from the Ledger menu and click Selected Procedures. The pre-treatment estimate will be created, and the Primary Dental Pre-Treatment Estimate dialog box appears so you can edit the claim information.
  3. Double-click the Claim Information block to add attachments to the claim, such as X-rays and images in the Primary Dental Pre-Treatment Estimate dialog box. Double-click the Remarks for Unusual Services block to add a clinical narrative as needed..
  4. Once you have modified the claim as needed, click Submit and choose to send the claim electronically, print it, or send it to the Batch Processor.

For additional information, read A Checklist for Better Managing Pre-Authorizations in Dentrix Magazine.