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Updated 1/14/2019

The key to a thriving dental practice is having your patients return to your office for routine hygiene visits and recurring exams. But the reality is that some patients tend to fall off the radar. Did they move? Did they find another dentist? Are they just not making new appointments? It’s not always easy to know the answer to these questions, or to even know who these patients are.

With Dentrix you can generate the Inactive Patient List to find three types of patients:

  • Patients who have not been back to the office recently (you can set a date to search for)
  • Patients who have no continuing care and no future appointments
  • Patients who are already flagged as inactive in the Family File

To generate the Inactive Patient List, from the Office Manager click Reports > Lists > Inactive Patient List.  Select the filtering options for the type of report you want to run and generate the list.

Once you have your list of patients, you can use the default Inactive Patient letters within Dentrix to reach out to those patients and invite them to contact you or schedule appointments to get them back on track.

For more information about using Dentrix letters to contact inactive patients, see the Creating Letters topic in the Dentrix Help. For more information on generating your own list, see the Inactive Patient List topic in Dentrix Help.