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Updated 9/27/2019

To help your office stay free of problems, make sure that computers in treatment rooms aren’t showing confidential patient information.

Because the Appointment Book contains information for more than one patient at a time, you should make sure your display doesn’t show patient information by creating a view that hides it.

To create an Appointment Book view that hides patient information:

  1. In the Appointment Book, click the View menu, then click New (or click Edit to modify an existing view).
  2. In the Appointment Display Info group box there are several drop-down boxes where you can specify the patient information you want to appear in the appointment block. Make sure Line 1 is set to Name.
  3. Set Line 2Line 4 to Appointment Reason, and set Line 5 -Line 9 to [none].
  4. Click OK.

This hides confidential patient information so that it doesn’t appear in the Appointment Book where it could be seen by patients. If you need to view more patient information while in this view, you can easily use the Hover Window feature, or click the appointment block and then click the More Info button on the toolbar.

For more information, see the video listed under Setting Up Views in Dentrix Help.