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Updated 9/27/2019

The Dentrix Document Center is a fantastic module that allows you to digitally store and organize documents you previously used to keep on paper or in file folders. By using the Document Center you are well on your way to becoming a truly paperless office. Not only can you store documents, but you can search for and find documents within the Document Center quickly. By using filters, you can easily view documents that are attached to patients, families, providers or staff, employers, insurance carriers, and referral sources. You can also use filters to find documents acquired within a date range and assigned to a particular document type.

To view documents:

  1. In the Document Center, from the View menu, click one of the following options:</li<>
    • By Patient
    • By Provider/Staff
    • By Employer
    • By Referred To
    • By Referred By
    • By Dental Insurance
    • By Medical Insurance

  2. When you choose any of the options above, a Select dialog box appears, allowing you to select the appropriate source. Once selected, the current View By option displays on the bottom, left corner of the Document Center window (see image above).

You can also view documents according to filters that you set.

To select filters:

  1. In the Document Center, from the View menu, click Filters to select the filters you want to use.
  2. Select the document type(s) from the list that you want to view in the Document Tree, or click All Document Types.
  3. Under Include Documents Attached To, select the options to include the documents attached to the patient’s provider, employer, insurance, and/or referral sources in the Document Tree.
  4. Enter a date range of the document you want to view or click All Dates.
  5. To save the settings you have selected for the next time the Document Center is opened, click Save as Default.
  6. To apply your selected filters to the current source, click OK.

For more information, see the Selecting Filters topic in Dentrix Help.