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Updated 1/14/2019

Recording referrals in Dentrix helps you track patients who repeatedly give referrals so you can send thank-you messages. It can also help you monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Today’s tip will focus on how to add patient referrals.

To add patient referral information:

  1. In Family File, select the patient who was referred to your practice, and double-click the Referred By block to open the Dentrix Patient Referrals dialog box.
  2. In the Referred By section, click Add Referral.
  3. In the Select Referral Type dialog box, select Patient if this patient was referred by another patient in your practice, and click OK.
  4. In the Select Patient dialog box, select the person who referred the current patient and click OK. The referring patient now appears in the Dentrix Patient Referrals dialog box, in the Referred By section.
  5. Once a Referred By source has been added to the Dentrix Patient Referrals dialog box, the Analysis button becomes available. Click Analysis to display the Referral Analysis dialog box.
  6. The Referral Analysis dialog box shows the name of each patient that was referred to your practice, the date the referral was entered in Dentrix, and the amount of production associated with that referral.
  7. After a patient has provided referrals, you can specify a Referral Date Span to look at referrals the patient has made that fall within the dates you specify from the drop-down list. You can also specify the Production Date Span to view the amount of production that has resulted from those referrals.
  8. Record and track gratuities using the New Gratuity and Gratuity Analysis buttons.
  9. Record notes about the referral with the Notes button, use the Send Email button to send an email thank-you message to the referring patient and/or the Office Journal button to record an entry in the Office Journal.

Additional Information

For more information about how to attract new patients using referrals, and how to analyze referral statistics, see the Grow Your Practice with Patient Referrals article in Dentrix Magazine.

For more information about adding referrals from other sources, such as advertising campaigns or other doctors, please see the Adding Referrals from Outside Sources topic in the Dentrix Help.