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Updated 4/25/2019

To effectively manage your patient forms and questionnaires, you must understand how to navigate and use the Questionnaires module.

The Questionnaires List box contains both the questionnaire forms that the selected patient has filled out, and forms with no responses. Based on the information contained in each column of the Questionnaires List box, you can see when the form was filled out, whether the Family File has been updated with the information in the form, whether the form is signed, and when form expires. There is a pane to the right which also shows a copy of the form itself.

With a patient selected in Dentrix, click the Questionnaires button from the toolbar.

The bullet points below explain the symbols and information contained in each column.

  1. Form Name – This column displays the name of the form.
  2. Responses – This column displays the date the responses were entered for the form.
  3. Expiration – This column displays the date the form will expire and when it should to be updated.
  4. Update Patient Info – This column indicates whether or not the patient information has been updated in the Family File.
  5. Signed – This column indicates if the form requires a signature and if it has been signed.

If you are viewing the Questionnaires module for all patients, you will see two additional columns:

  1. Patient Name – This column displays the name of the patient whose information appears on the form.
  2. NP – This column displays a Y if this form is for a patient with a new patient appointment in the Appointment Book.

You can sort by column by clicking on the column heading. By right-clicking, you can choose which columns to display and which columns to hide. You can also re-size and re-order the columns in the list box.

To learn more about how to manage completed forms in the Questionnaires module and how to update patient information using questionnaire responses, see the various topics listed under Questionnaires Overview in Dentrix Help.