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Updated 4/25/2019

Another feature you can use in the Select Patient dialog box, is the ability to search for patients by any of their phone numbers—home, mobile, work, etc.

Imagine coming in after a long holiday weekend and you have a full schedule of patients for this week. You begin going through your voicemail and you have a message from a patient saying that she won’t be able to make her appointment on Wednesday. Her name was garbled, so you don’t know who made the call, but she did leave her phone number. You can use the Advanced Search tab of the Select Patient dialog box to find this patient.

To search for a patient by phone number:

  1. From any Dentrix module, click the Select Patient button.
  2. Click the Advanced Search tab.
  3. Enter the phone number in the Phone field.
  4. Click the Search button.

Dentrix will search through all phone number fields without you having to specify which kind of phone number it is.

Remember, Dentrix can only find phone numbers if you are entering them in to the Family File, so be sure to enter a patient’s home, work, and mobile numbers for this advanced search to work best for you.

For additional information, see the Searching for Patients Using Advanced Search topic in Dentrix Help.