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Updated 4/25/2019

Have you ever looked at a Family Ledger Report, walkout statement, billing statement, or deposit slip and thought to yourself, “I could have sworn this patient made two credit card payments, and only one is listed here. Why aren’t both payments being listed?”

If you have two (or more) separate payments from a patient that are posted on the same day using the same payment type, Dentrix combines those payments into a single entry on reports. If you want multiple payments to be listed separately, you can get them to itemize on the report by entering unique details in either the Check# or Bank/Branch# fields of the Enter Payment dialog box for each payment—such as a different check number.

That way Dentrix will see that the two payments are different and list them separately on the reports.

For additional information, read the Family Ledger Report and Printing Family Ledger Reports topics in Dentrix Help.