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Updated 4/25/2019

Did you know that with the click of a button, you can see a comprehensive list of not only a selected patient’s scheduled and broken appointments, treatment plan information, and unscheduled continuing care, but also view that same information for everyone in that patient’s family? It’s all available in the Family Appointment List.

To use the Family Appointment List:

  1. Open a patient’s appointment in the Appointment Book.
  2. Click the Other Appt(s) button.

The Family Appointment List is divided into three sections:

  1. This section of the list shows everyone in the family, their position in the family, their age, and their continuing care due dates.
  2. This section of the list shows upcoming appointments the patient is scheduled for, continuing care for which the selected patient is due but does not have an appointment, and past appointments (which have an asterisk next to the date).
  3. This section of the list shows the patient’s treatment-planned procedures, including any visits order that have been set up in the Treatment Planner. A question mark next to a treatment-planned procedure means it does not have a visit assigned to it. An asterisk next to a procedure means it is scheduled.

You can create a new appointment for a patient directly from the Family Appointment List by clicking the Create New Appointment button. You can view the details about one of the patient’s scheduled appointments by selecting the appointment in the list and clicking the View Appointment button.

For additional information, read Viewing Patients’ Other Appointments in Dentrix Help.