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Updated 4/29/2019

Did you know that you can generate a list of all patients coming in today that tells you which of the patients are overdue for continuing care, which have treatment plans, and which have family members without an upcoming appointment? It’s called the Scheduled Patients Summary, and it’s a customizable report within the Daily Huddle Report.

The Scheduled Patients Summary is an important tool to use in your daily morning meetings. You can use this information to talk with your staff members about opportunities you have to discuss future appointments or other patient problems with patients coming into the office today.

To generate the Scheduled Patient Summary:

  1. From the Appointment Book, click File > Print Daily Huddle Report or click the Print Daily Huddle Report toolbar button.
  2. Check Scheduled Patients Summary to include the summary when you generate the rest of the report.
  3. Click Scheduled Patients Setup.
  4. Select which criteria you want to display on the summary, and click OK.
  5. Click Preview to generate the Scheduled Patients Summary.

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