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Updated 4/26/2019

Did you know that you can customize the way the Print Preview displays reports in the Office Manager? Save your favorite report preview setting(s) as the default so that reports automatically open the way you want when you preview them.

From the Options menu of the Dentrix Print Preview window, set the preferences for how you want to view the reports in the future from the following:

  • Save Defaults on Exit – This option will save the Print Preview Settings as the default settings when you exit.
  • View One Page – Displays one page of the report
  • View Two Pages – Displays two pages of the report
  • Zoom – Lets you specify a display size (as a percentage of the full-size page)
  • Default Page Size – Displays the report preview using a default full-page view
  • Full Page Size – Displays the report at full page width

It’s a good idea to look at each of these options to see how they actually display on your computer. Most reports, when viewed at the One Page or Two Pages sizes are difficult to read without having to zoom in to see its information, although you can see how the information flows from page to page. If your primary reason for previewing a report is to get a glimpse at the information on the report, you may want to pick an appropriate zoom level where you can read the report’s information and then use the Save Defaults on Exit¬†option to save that zoom level for viewing future reports.