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Updated 6/25/2019

One of the new features in Dentrix G6 is the ability to assign providers to individual procedures in an appointment before setting it complete. For example, if you have an appointment with an exam performed by the doctor and X-rays and a prophy completed by the hygienist, then you can adjust the providers before posting it complete.

When you set the appointment complete in the Appointment Book, you can assign procedures to different providers, and double-check that the correct provider is assigned to each procedure.

To set procedures complete for an appointment with multiple providers:

  1. In the Appointment Book, select the appointment you want to set complete.
  2. From the toolbar, click the Set Complete button.
  3. By default, the procedures associated with the appointment are listed in the Select Procedures group box, with a check mark in the Post column, and assigned to the patient’s appointment provider in the Provider column.
  4. Uncheck any procedures that were not completed during the appointment, if needed.
  5. To change the provider for a procedure, select the procedure in the list and click the Change Provider button.
  6. Select the appropriate provider for the selected procedure. Click Other to open the Select Provider dialog box from which you can select any active provider in the practice. The provider name changes for the selected procedure.
  7. Click Post/Set Complete. The appointment color changes to gray in the Appointment Book and Dentrix posts the procedures to the Ledger.

For additional information, see the Setting Procedures Complete and Setting Procedures Complete for Additional Providers topics in Dentrix Help.