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Updated 7/18/2019

In Dentrix G6, new features and enhancements were added to the Document Center that make it easier for you to store and organize your important documents.

One new feature is the ability to rename document types. However, you cannot rename or delete a document type if there are signed documents attached to that type.

To rename a document type:

  1. From the Document Center, click Setup > Document Types.
  2. Select the document type you want to rename and click the Edit icon.
  3. In the Update Document Type dialog box, perform one or both of the following actions:
    • Edit the Description
    • Change the Default Claim Attachment Type

  4. To save the edit, click OK.
  5. Click Close to return to the Document Center.

Another new feature in the Dentrix G6 Document Center is the ability to sort documents in the Unfiled Documents folder either by the date they were scanned or by the time they were scanned/printed to the Document Center. This makes it easier to find documents if you know the time of day or the date you scanned it.

To sort the documents in the Unfiled Documents window:

  1. From the Document Center, click the Unfiled Documents button.
  2. Click either the Date or Time column header to sort the documents.
  3. Select a document from the list and edit the Document Information and attach the document to a patient as needed.

Bonus Tip

Added in Dentrix G6, when you have more than 40 files in the Unfiled Documents folder, you receive a pop-up message when you open the Document Center letting you know you have a number of unfiled documents.

For more information, read the Renaming Document Types topic in Dentrix Help.