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Updated 10/3/2019

Sticky notes are a great invention, and I’m sure we’ve all used them for one reason or another since they came out back in the early 1980s. But a patient chart completely covered with yellow squares of scribbled notes without any method of sorting or prioritizing may have you wondering if there is a better way to organize your notes. With Dentrix, you have a variety of features that not only allow you to make note of patient information, but allow you to use that information more effectively.

There are different kinds of notes you can enter in Dentrix, each with their own purpose and use. In this post, we’ll tackle Scheduling Notes:

  • Appointment Note – Appointment notes are attached directly to an appointment and usually reference special situations that the office should be aware of before seeing a patient. Appointment Notes are entered in the Appointment Information dialog box. The Appointment Note can be printed on the route slip, patient visit form, and Daily Huddle report. For more information, see the Scheduling Appointments Dentrix Help topic.
  • Appointment Book Day Note – An Appointment Book Day Note is available for each day of the year and is generally used to keep track of information for a certain date. These notes are displayed on each workstation in the office. They are not specific to a patient. For more information, see the Creating Day Notes Dentrix Help topic.
  • Continuing Care Motivational Note – The Motivational Note is a personalized message that prints on continuing care reminder cards. You can also use the note to keep track of special circumstances related to a patient’s continuing care, but you must be careful to hide any text you don’t want to print on the patient’s reminder card. For more information, see the Assigning Continuing Care Types Dentrix Help topic, specifically, step 9.
  • Lab Case Notes – These are notes about a lab case and can be entered in the Lab Case Note field when creating a lab case. For more information, see the Creating Lab Cases Dentrix Help topic, specifically, step 2.

To learn about note field character limitations, see Character Limits in Dentrix, in the Dentrix Resource Center.