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Updated 6/2/2022

In this post we’ll focus on notes dealing with insurance coverage, claims, and carriers—why they are important; and how they can be kept in a consistent location where they can be easily accessed and read.

In the Insurance Claim window, you can enter the following types of notes:

    1. Claim Status Note – This note is not submitted with the claim and can be used to document tracking information for the claim once it has been sent. It can also be printed on the Insurance Claim Aging Report.
    2. Insurance Plan Note – This note should be used to keep track of plan limitations and exclusions that can’t be attached to the coverage or payment tables. These notes are specific to the insurance carrier and not to individual patients. These notes display for all patients covered by the same insurance plan, and do not print on insurance claims.
    3. Claim Note – This note (also called Remarks for Unusual Services) are short narratives submitted with the claim. Keep this note brief, as only 101 characters will display on printed claims, and only 125 characters are sent on electric claims.

Bonus Tips:

  • When entering Claim Notes, you can utilize custom claim remarks templates to make your entries quick and consistent.
  • To add a note to a claim, double-click the appropriate block, enter the note, and click OK to save and close the window.
  • The Insurance Plan Note can also be accessed from the Office Manager by clicking Maintenance > Reference > Insurance Maintenance. Select the insurance plan and click the Benefits/Cov button and then select the Insurance Notes tab. Here you can review and/or edit the notes.

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