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Updated 10/3/2019

When working in the Dentrix Appointment Book you can see additional patient information whenever you hover your mouse over an appointment. Interestingly, one of the top questions we get concerning the hover window is, “How do I turn it off?”

Many people become frustrated with the hover window because its default setting is to immediately appear when you hover over an appointment—blocking the Appointment Book underneath!  Luckily, you can customize the hover window to better fit your preferences.

To customize the hover window:

  1. From the Appointment Book, click Setup > Practice Appointment Setup.
  2. Click the Hover Detail Setup button.
  3. In the Setup Appointment Hover Window dialog box, you can customize the following settings:
    1. Under Hover Elements, click Hidden or Shown to specify the information you want displayed in the hover window. A sample window is displayed on the right of the window.
    2. Move the Hover Window Delay slider bar to specify how quickly the hover window appears over the Appointment Book—from 0.25 to 7.00 seconds. Frustration with this feature may be because the window pops up too quickly or too slowly.
    3. To prevent the hover window from displaying altogether, click the Disable Hover Window button. All Hover Elements are grayed out, and the hover window will not display in the Appointment Book.
  4. Once your setup is complete, click OK to save them and OK again to return to the Appointment Book.

Bonus Tips

  • The default setting for a patient’s Social Security Number is Hidden.
  • Hover window settings are workstation-specific, which means the settings only apply to computer they are set up on.

For more information about customizing the hover window settings, see the Patient Information at Your Fingertips article in Dentrix Magazine.