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Updated 10/4/2019

You may want to review a patient’s past prescriptions before issuing refills or prescribing new medication. In Dentrix, you can review prescriptions that have been previously created for a patient.

How To:

  1. From any patient specific Dentrix module, select a patient and click the Prescriptions button.
  2. Select the prescription you want to see more information for, and click View.
  3. You can view the drug name and description, dosage and dispensing information, and any notes that were added to the prescription. You can either print or refill the prescription by clicking the corresponding button.
  4. Click Cancel to close the prescription.

Additional Information

  • Prescriptions are listed with the date the prescription was created, the description, drug name, and prescribing provider.
  • A check mark in the NS column (Not a Standard Prescription), located to the left of the date, indicates that you made a change to the default prescription type when you added this prescription.
  • You can also see medications you have prescribed, as well as medications patients have told you about (and you have recorded) in the Health History Module.