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Updated 10/7/2019

It’s important to set up insurance plans properly in Dentrix in order to give accurate insurance estimates, and make it easier for you to process insurance claims and work with insurance in Dentrix.

Maybe your office sees patients who have different insurance carriers and you are constantly entering these new carriers into the database, or maybe your staff rotates front desk responsibilities and you have new staff entering insurance information regularly. By having policies in place to make sure the way insurance carriers are added to Dentrix is done consistently, you increase the likelihood of having accurate estimates.

Use these three tips to update your policies about how insurance plans are entered in Dentrix:

  1. You should always search for the insurance company you want to add to your database to make sure it hasn’t already been entered in Dentrix. Having multiple instances of the same insurance company can cause problems, such as assigning the wrong insurance plan to patients, or when you update insurance information for one plan you don’t update the other, leaving one of the plans outdated.
  2. A good way to prevent different spellings or abbreviations of the carrier name is to enter the information exactly as it is printed on the patient’s benefit card.
  3. The Group Plan name is primarily used to help you distinguish this plan from other plans with the same carrier. If the carrier doesn’t furnish the group plan name, you can use this field to enter a plan name that will mean something within your office. By marking the Do Not Include Group Plan Name option in the Insurance Claims Options group box, the name you give the group plan will not be printed on claims.

To learn more, read Entering a New Insurance Plan in Dentrix Help.