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Updated 10/8/2019

Did you know that there is a way to send a document to the Dentrix Document Center without having to physically scan it? For example, if you have received an email from a referring doctor with information about a patient, you don’t have to print the email first and then scan it to the Document Center.
If you have the option to print the document, you can electronically send a copy of it to the Document Center and bypass the printer!

How To

  1. With the document visible on your screen, select Print as if you were going to print the document on paper.
  2. In the list where you can choose which printer to use, select the Send To Dentrix Document Center option.
  3. Click Print.

Nothing is actually printed on paper, but a copy of the document is sent to the Unfiled Documents folder in the Document Center. From Unfiled Documents you can modify the document information and attach it to sources. It’s as simple as that to save nearly any digital file to the Document Center.

For more information read Printing to the Dentrix Document Center in Dentrix Magazine.