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Within the Health History module, you now have a comprehensive history of the patient’s medical conditions, and the ability to quickly see which conditions are current based on the information in the Status column.

One of the new features introduced with the Dentrix G7 Health History module, is additional date fields associated with adding a medical condition or allergy to a patient’s record. When you add a condition, you will see the following date fields:

  • Reported Date – This defaults to the current date, and reflects the date you were notified by the patient of the condition. You can modify this date if needed.
  • Start Date – This also defaults to the current date, but should reflect date the medical condition started.

For example, if a patient was diagnosed with diabetes last October, and only filled out a new patient questionnaire today, you would enter today’s date in the Reported Date field and the date from October 2017 as the Start Date field.

You also have the ability to inactivate a medical condition or allergy for a patient, when it is no longer current. By inactivating a condition rather than simply deleting it, you maintain an accurate comprehensive health history that can be referred back to if needed.

For instance, if you have a patient who previously had been assigned the Pregnancy condition in Dentrix, but now has a three-month old baby. While viewing that patient’s health history, inactivate the Pregnancy condition, and in the Inactivated Date field, enter the birth date of the child.

To inactivate a condition for a patient:

  1. With a patient selected in the Health History module, select the medical condition or allergy to be inactivated.
  2. Click the Inactivate button, confirm you want to inactivate the condition, and click OK.
  3. Enter an Inactivation Date. The current date appears by default, but can be edited as needed.
  4. Add a Note as necessary, and click OK.

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