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Updated 10/11/2019

The requirements for Dentrix passwords have been updated in Dentrix G7, so if you are currently using passwords in Dentrix, when you upgrade to Dentrix G7 you will have to make a change. You’ll be prompted to change your password to one that meets the following complexity requirements:

  • Is at least eight characters in length
  • Contains capital and lowercase letters
  • Has at least one number
  • Has at least one special character

In addition to these new complexity requirements, Dentrix G7 also includes new password options. You can set password expiration dates, set rules for when an account is locked out after failed password attempts, and limit the use of previous passwords.

Note: Make sure only the doctor, office manager, or practice administrator has rights to change these new password options.

How To

  1. From the Office Manager, click Maintenance > Practice Setup > Passwords > Practice Passwords Setup.
  2. Click Password Security.
  3. Set the following options as needed for the practice:
    a. Password Expiration – use the options here to give passwords an expiration date and a warning that passwords are about to expire.
    b. Password Security – set a number of password attempts before a user gets locked out, and the amount of time they will be locked out for.
    c. Password History – set a limit for the use of previous passwords.
  4. Click OK to apply these settings.

By setting these options, you can make sure that user passwords in your practice are being updated regularly.

Additional Tips