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The office manager and practice administrative team have a lot of responsibilities throughout the office, and it can be frustrating for them to have to stop what they are doing to help a staff member reset their password in Dentrix when they can’t log in. And it’s just as frustrating for a staff member to be locked out of Dentrix until they can find someone to reset their password.

Dentrix G7 includes a new feature to help prevent all that frustration! In addition to the other new password options available you can now allow individual users to reset their own passwords when they forget them.

Each user can select and answer security questions that are stored in Dentrix and use them to reset a forgotten password on their own, without having to interrupt someone on the admin team or losing access to Dentrix.

Implementing and using this new password security feature happens in three main steps.

Step 1: Enable the Password Reset Option

From the Office Manager, click Maintenance > Practice Setup > Passwords > Practice Passwords Setup and click the Password Security button. Check the box next to Allow password reset with security questions, and click OK.

Step 2: Set up Security Questions for Users

Once you have enabled the password reset option, have individual users log in to Dentrix using passwords as they normally would. When they are prompted, users should select three questions from the drop-down lists, enter an answer for each question, and then click Save.

Step 3: Answer Security Questions to Reset Password

When a user enters an incorrect password, they are to prompted try again or they have the option to reset their own password. Click the Reset Password button to view a series of security questions.

After the user has successfully answered the security question, they are prompted to click Reset Password. Then they can enter and confirm a new password and continue working in Dentrix.

For more information about the new password options in Dentrix G7, watch the new feature overview video.