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Did you know that you can use eDex to pull up lists of information from your Dentrix database? That’s the power of filters!

For example, if you ever need to see a list of archived patients you could either scroll through the Select Patient dialog box looking for “Archived” to show up in the Status column, or you could quickly pull that information from your database using eDex.

How To

  1. From any Dentrix module, click File > Switch To > eDex.
  2. Then click the Set Filters button, and check the box next to the type(s) of information you want to view, such as Archived Patients.
  3. Click Close. eDex produces a list that matches your filtering criteria.

If you want to see a list of all of your inactive or non-patients, check those filters. Want to quickly see if an employer has already been entered in Dentrix so you avoid duplicates? Set that filter.
Depending on the filters you selected, once the list is generated you can click any item and see additional information:

  • If you selected a patient filter, click on a patient and see patient information.
  • If you selected the an employer filter, click an employer and see a list of patients and insurance plans assigned to that employer.
  • If you selected an insurance filter, click on an insurance plan and see that plan’s coverage table, insurance plan note, and a list of insured patients.
  • Click on the different Dentrix module icons along the bottom of the screen to easily open that module for the selected patient.

There’s a lot of information available to you in eDex, and using built-in filters can help you access it!
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