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Your practice owner is debating whether to continue to accept insurance carriers with fewer than 50 patient subscribers. He wants to know how many patients subscribe to each insurance carrier you currently accept.

To find this information, you could create a custom report (by filters), but that would involve having to spend time setting multiple filters, enabling data fields, and then generating the actual report.

But did you know there‚Äôs a faster, easier way to accomplish this task using eDex? In fact, it’s a simple five-step process:

  1. From any Dentrix module, select the eDex button.
  2. Click the Set Filter icon (top right corner icon with a funnel image).
  3. Uncheck all the filters except Insurance Carriers, and click Close.
  4. From the list of insurance carriers that appears, select a carrier.
  5. On the right side of the screen, review the list of Insured Patients, which gives you the number of patients insured by the carrier, followed by individual patient names.

That’s it! You can easily see the number of insurance patients for the insurance carrier that you selected, and can easily choose another carrier from the list to see its number of insured patients, without having to generate a report.

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