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When you are staring down a full schedule, how can you tell at a glance which patients’ insurances have been verified? The Patient Insurance Eligibility icon can show you!

  • A blue E on a white background indicates that the patient is eligible for benefits.
  • A gray E on a yellow background indicates otherwise.

The Patient Insurance Eligibility icon can be updated two different ways: automatically or manually.


If you are using Dentrix Insurance Manager, you can quickly and accurately determine if a patient will have coverage on the day of an appointment. The Insurance Manager will automatically check eligibility for patients scheduled 2 weeks into the future, changing the color of the ‘E’ icon when eligibility is confirmed.


If you prefer to contact insurance companies directly to verify eligibility, double-click the appointment to open the Appointment Information dialog box, right-click the “E” icon and select Enter Eligibility Status.

Then change the Status, enter a Description and Expiration Date, and add a Note as needed.

Click OK to save this information and the “E” will now appear with the blue, verified color.

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