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It’s the start of a new work week. One of your to-do list tasks is to find accounts that are due for a recurring payment, manually charge their credit card on file, and enter the payment in Dentrix.

What does “on file” mean in your practice? Do you open a hidden spreadsheet on your computer that contains the card information? Do you unlock one of the drawers up front and pull out a list of card numbers?

With Dentrix G7.2 and Dentrix Pay, a new feature which can be bundled together with other eServices you are already using, you have the ability to save credit card information within Dentrix that can be used for authorized recurring payments, like payment agreements, all from inside the Ledger.

How To

  1. With a patient selected in the Ledger, click Transaction > Saved Credit Cards.
  2. Click Add and insert or swipe the credit card using a connected PINpad device.
  3. Notify the patient of a $2.00 pre-authorization charge, which will be reversed after the account is verified.
  4. Have the patient review and sign the consent form to authorize your office to charge their card on file.
  5. Save the consent form and print a patient copy if needed.

Once you have saved a credit card, it will appear as an option when you click the Process Card button in the Enter Payment window of the Ledger.

For more information, watch the Quick Start Videos for Dentrix Pay to see tutorials and view key information. Or read the Introducing Integrated Payments with Dentrix Pay article in Dentrix Magazine.