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Do you have a particular patient who always seems to be changing — and canceling — their appointments? Would you like to find out just how many times this patient has changed their appointment?

It would be helpful to know the answers to these questions so that you get an idea of what these appointment changes are costing you in lost revenue. That way, you can develop a plan to encourage all of your patients keep their appointments.

The Appointment History List is the tool you are looking for. It can help you with these issues, because it displays a history of changes that were made to an appointment, including information about the appointment date, assigned providers, and assigned operatories. Additionally, you can sort the list and set a range to dates to include on the list to make it more useful for your office.

To create an appointment history list, open the Office Manager, and click Reports > Lists > Appointment History List.

Select the following options to configure your list:

  • Select Patient – Search for a single patient name, or leave set to <ALL> to include all patients that meet the other criteria you set.
  • Select Appointment Provider – Set the range of appointment providers to include, and select whether to include only the current or both history and current appointments with the selected provider(s).
  • Select Operatory – Set the range of operatories to include, then select whether to include only current appointments or both history or current appointments in the selected operatory.
  • Select Date – Select a range and type of appointment dates to include.
  • Sort Options – Select how you want the list to be sorted.

Once all the options are set, click OK to send the list to the Batch Processor where you can view it or print it.

The printed list, shows the following information:

A. Current Appointment – The date and time the appointment was created; the appointment’s current date, time, provider, operatory, and reason; the name of the patient whose appointment it is; and the patient’s home phone number.
B. History – The date and time of the appointment when the change was made; the appointment’s date, time, status, provider, operatory, staff member, schedule type, reason, and length; and a indication of whether a lab case was attached.

Helpful Hints

  • When selecting Patients, you are limited to selecting a single patient or selecting all patients in the database. Consider selecting one patient and experimenting with the other options before selecting all of your patients for the list.
  • Selecting <ALL> for patients, providers, or operatories, and including a large date range, might create a large, unmanageable list. Consider limiting your selections for more specific results.
  • The default Select Date begins one week before the current date. You can change the dates, and you can even set the To: date to a future date — to view future appointments.

For additional information, read Viewing Appointment History.