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Sometimes an account gets a little lopsided, and the insurance estimate comes in higher than the balance owed.

In past versions of Dentrix, the Family Portion of Balance line in the Ledger used to show a negative amount – so that when added to the Expected from Dental Insurance amount, the two would equal the Family Balance.

You may have noticed that in Dentrix G7 it stopped doing that. The Family Balance now shows 0.00 by default.

If you liked it the old way, you can change it back.

  • If you are using Dentrix G7.0 – G7.2, in the Ledger, select the File menu, then Pre-Payment Allocation Setup.
  • If you are using Dentrix G7.3, in the Ledger select File > Allocation Options Setup.

In the If estimated ‘Family Portion of Balance’ is less than 0: section, select the option you want to see in the Ledger: either Display 0.00 or Display Credit Amount, and click OK.

For more information, see the various topics on Setting up the Ledger in Dentrix Help.