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In previous versions of Dentrix, you may have found it frustrating to try to archive a patient, only to have Dentrix tell you that the patient did not have a zero balance, and therefore couldn’t be archived.

It required you to go to the Ledger and poke around, looking for the cause. There might have been an obvious balance that needed to be adjusted to another family member, or there might have been a much more subtle problem caused by an old payment that was assigned to the wrong provider. Whatever it was, Dentrix could see it but it wasn’t telling you!

Now, when you archive a patient using Dentrix G7.3, you’ll see something new: the Archive Patient Wizard. This wizard streamlines the processes of identifying patient provider balances. After showing you what the balances are, it will ask which credit and charge adjustment types you want to use to correct them, and then it will post the necessary adjustments automatically. You just click Next through the wizard and verify the settings at each step!

The Archive Patient Wizard is another way that Dentrix G7.3 reduces your administrative workload!

Click the link to watch a short video demonstrating the Archive Patient Wizard.