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One of the great features of Dentrix Pay is the ability to save a patient’s credit card information when you create a payment agreement. But what do you do when payments are due? Do you open each patient’s agreement and make their payments individually? You could, but there’s a faster and easier way: batch processing.*

Every morning you can open the Payment Agreement Manager and process every agreement that’s due—all at once.

How To:

  1. From the Ledger, click File > Payment Agreement Manager. (Or click the Payment Agreement Manager toolbar button.)
  2. Click the Process Due Amounts button. The number of agreements due is enclosed in parenthesis, so you don’t have to search through the list to find them.
  3. If needed, deselect the guarantor(s) for whom you don’t want to process a payment by clicking the X next to their name. Then click the Process button.
  4. Review the processed payments (and any that did not process) and click Close.

That’s it! The payment agreements that were due, have been paid.

And Dentrix makes sure you don’t forget to process payments. When you open the Ledger a pop-up message will display the number of agreements that are due for processing. All you have to do is click the Process Due Payments Agreements button. The Payment Agreement Manager will open, and you can process the agreements as described above.

*You must have Dentrix Pay to batch process payment agreements with saved credit cards. For more information about Dentrix Pay, visit or call 844.853.2285.

For more information about batch processing payment agreements with saved credit cards: