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When a patient checks out, do you find yourself manually creating an insurance claim for their completed procedure(s)? Wouldn’t it be nice if Dentrix would automatically create and send a claim for those procedures — with the click of a single button? With the Ledger’s Fast Checkout button, you can do just that!

However, before you can use the button, you must set it up with the options you prefer.

From the Ledger, click File > Fast Checkout Options Setup.

Check the Create Insurance Claim check box. Select an option for how you want Dentrix to “send” the claim:

  • Batch – send the claim to the Batch Processor
  • Send Electronically – submit the claim to insurance carriers electronically (requires Dentrix eClaims)
  • Print – send the claim directly to the printer

Then click OK.

Once set up, when you click the Fast Checkout button in a patient’s Ledger, Dentrix automatically creates a claim for today’s completed procedures and sends the claim for you.

Bonus Tip

Also within the Fast Checkout Setup dialog box are options you can check so that after the claim is processed, you can enter a payment and/or generate a walkout statement for the patient.

For additional information, read Setting Up Fast Checkout Options in Dentrix Help.