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Once upon a time (long before you were working at this office, of course!), someone used to post payments to the patient’s Prov1 instead of assigning the money to the providers that completed the work. Now that they are gone and you are in charge, you have a big headache trying to identify all of the accounts where the balances are mismatched. Some providers show credits and others show charges, while adding them together equals a normal-looking patient balance.

In past versions of Dentrix, you might have printed a Provider Credits report (one of the Aging Report options) and then poured over the printed report with a yellow highlighter, drawing attention to the accounts where the provider ID appeared. You could still do that if it sounds like a fun afternoon. But there’s an easier way.

Dentrix G7.3 introduces the Provider Credit Balances Manager, a tool that will take the manual work out of this process.

To access this new feature, from the Ledger, click File > Provider Credit Balances Manager. It will find all the accounts that have at least one provider with a credit balance and give you a list of accounts that need your attention.

From there you can use the new Allocate Credit Balances feature to have Dentrix post the adjustments for you.

Select the view options needed, and click OK.

The list will populate, showing accounts where at least one of the selected providers has a credit balance. The list will show the guarantor name, the family balance, and a triangle symbol in the columns of providers with credits.

You can investigate the account further by selecting the line and clicking the Ledger button from the toolbar, or by double-clicking the line to open the Allocate Credit Balances feature.

Watch a short video demonstrating the Provider Credit Balances Manager and Allocate Credit Balances feature!  Click here to watch the video.

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