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At times you may want to view a report that breaks down your production totals for a specific procedure code, range of codes, or an entire procedure code category.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if this report could also show you how many of those procedures were completed as well as the percentage of your total production that those procedures represent?

You’re in luck because the Production Summary Report does just that!

Consider this scenario:

“In January, we began a marketing campaign that offered Invisalign as a treatment option. I want to see how many ortho procedures have been completed since the first of the year and the total production value of those procedures.”

To view these statistics, use the following steps to generate the Practice Analysis – Production Summary Report:

  1. In the Office Manager, click the Practice Analysis button.
  2. From the Dentrix Practice Analysis window, click Reports.

  3. Select the Providers, Billing Types, and Date Range to include on the report.
  4. Check the Production Summary checkbox, and check the corresponding box(es) depending on whether you want to generate the report by Category or by Proc Code Range. If you select by Proc Code Range, enter a range of codes.
  5. To generate the report, click Print or Batch.

When viewing the report, look for the following information:

  1. The number of procedures completed during the date range you set.
  2. The total billed amount for each procedure listed. (This amount is not affected by payment adjustments.)
  3. The average amount charged for each procedure (Total [B] divided by Quantity [A].)
  4. The production percentages based on the Total Production Charges (Total [B] divided by Total Production Charges [E].) The higher the percentage, the more money the procedure brings into the office.
  5. The total production charges of all procedure codes, and the combined average charge for all procedures on the report.

For additional information, read the Running Practice Analysis Reports topic in Dentrix Help.