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Updated 11/30/2020

As you prepare to reopen your practice after being closed for the pandemic, you’ll need to let patients know about the new policies you’ve implemented in your practice in order to keep them safe, such as staggering appointments to reduce the amount of people waiting in the office at one time, texting from their car to check in for your appointment, or filling out forms online to eliminate the sharing of tablets or pens and clipboards.

The Patient Engage Campaign Studio gives you an easy way to create email campaigns that are sent to all or a select group of your patients. It offers a variety of templates and layouts to choose from.

To open the Campaign Builder, from the Dentrix Hub, expand the Marketing menu, and select Campaigns.

Choose a campaign template. Click on Educate Clients, and scroll through the available templates to find one that has a look and message similar to what you want to say. Hover your mouse over the template, and then click Use Template.

Next, you’ll be guided through three steps: 1) Design Campaign, 2) Select Recipients, and 3) Schedule Delivery.

Design Campaign

Click the pencil icon to change the campaign name or email subject line. The campaign name is used by your office in case you need to find the campaign later. The subject line goes out to patients as the email subject. If you change either of these, click the check mark icon to confirm the change.

The email is built in blocks or sections. When you hover your mouse over any content section, you’ll see the following options.

A pen icon allows you to edit the text or graphics of that section. The up or down arrows allow you to reposition where the block of content will appear in the email. The trash can will remove the entire block of content. Click Done after customizing each block.

Click the Save & Continue button when you finish designing your email.

Select Recipients

In this step, you will choose which group of patients will receive this mailing.

Under Filter Recipient by Criteria, select All Patients.

Click the Save & Continue button.

Schedule Delivery

Select the date to start this campaign, and the time of day to send the messages. Click the Send button to send or schedule your campaign.

Emailing patients to let them know about your policy changes is part of the virtual waiting room you can set up with Dentrix and other integrated tools like Patient Engage and QuickBill eStatements. Read our Dentrix Magazine article titled Setting Up a Virtual Waiting Room with Patient Engage for more ideas.