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When you send patients an appointment reminder email and encourage them to update their forms online before their appointment, many of them will do so. Some may not, however, and in that case you can still give them the option to fill out their medical history and COVID-19 screening forms before coming into the office.

With Patient Engage, you can use the Check In feature to send patients a link to complete Questionnaire forms from their phone. Patients can complete their forms before they arrive at the office or while they wait for their turn to enter the office. Their answers are received and available for you to view in the Dentrix Hub dashboard and in the Questionnaire module of Dentrix.

You can send patients updated medical history forms that include COVID-19 screening questions or even special forms you set up for the day of the appointment to double-check on symptoms they may have developed since they filled out their forms online.

Sending Patients a Check-In Link

Form the Dentrix Hub, in the Today’s Follow-Up Actions section, click Check In.

If the patient has not opted in to receive text messages, you will be guided through a basic script that asks for the patient’s consent to receive text messages. Ask the question and enter the response as prompted on screen. The patient will then receive a prompt confirming that they accept text messages.

After they reply, the patient will receive a link to check in.

The link will open a web browser and allow the patient to answer the questionnaire forms that you created and uploaded previously.

Viewing Patient Responses Online in the Dentrix Hub

Once patients have filled out their forms online, you can view the patient’s responses in the Dentrix Hub under the Communications, Online Forms section. Review the answers here to decide if the patient has any symptoms or risk factors that would require them to reschedule their appointment.

Select View to see the patient’s responses to the form.

In the Form Response Details window, scroll through and read the responses. The form may be broken up into Sections (or pages); if so, click each section header to review that detail.

A note is available at the top, which is saved with the form and viewable in the Dentrix Hub. You may also print or export the form and responses using the buttons at the upper right.

Creating and posting online forms with COVID-19 screening questions is part of the virtual waiting room you can set up with Dentrix and other integrated tools like Patient Engage and QuickBill eStatements. Visit to read the article and get other ideas.