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If you’ve worked with insurance companies for any amount of time, you know that it’s always better to send claims with the right attachments the first time. If you forget to attach a necessary image, it can lead to denied claims and delayed payments.

Dentrix G7.3 introduces Automatic eClaims Attachments, a feature that will automatically attach images to your claims whenever it can or notify you that an attachment is required if it cannot attach the files automatically.

You must have Dentrix eClaims in order for Dentrix to find and attach documents and images automatically, but you can receive the attachment reminders even if you are not sending electronic claims with eClaims. Use claim attachment reminders in Dentrix to help you remember which attachments your claims need.

To enable the attachment notifications, in the Ledger, from the File menu click Direct Processing Options Setup. Under Required Attachments, select Notify if Required.

If you are sending electronic claims with Dentrix eClaims, select the Automatically Include if Required option. With this option selected, Dentrix automatically checks Smart Image and the Document Center for the attachments the claim needs, and attaches them to the claim.

If you are not sending electronic claims with eClaims, do not select the Automatically Include if Required option and Dentrix will not search for attachments.

Additional Information

To learn more, see our video titled, Automatic eClaims Attachments.