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By now, Health History has probably changed your practice for the better! With a pop-up option for medical conditions and allergies, and the ability to mark items as critical in the patient’s record, you can communicate important medical information to your staff more easily. Now that you’ve had a chance to begin using them and gotten the feel for how they function in your day-to-day routine, you may want to refine those settings.

When you upgraded Dentrix, the old medical alerts were brought in to Health History with all of the pop-up and critical options selected by default.

With Dentrix G7.3 Update 1, you can remove the pop-up and critical options for more than one Health History item at a time. That way, those health history items that most warrant a pop-up alert or critical status can be edited all at once.

Here’s how:

  1. In Health History, open Setup and select either the Medical Conditions, Allergies, or Medications tab.
  2. Select multiple items by holding the CTRL or SHIFT keys as you make your selection. Then right-click one of the selected items, and from the menu you can do any of the following:
    • Add or clear the Critical status to all selected items
    • Add or clear the Pop-up status to all selected items
    • Add or remove all of the selected items from Questionnaire forms

Another advantage to editing multiple items at once, is that when you change critical or pop-up statuses, you are asked if you would like to apply the change to all patients who currently have this item assigned to their Health History, or only have the change occur when you assign this to patients going forward.

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