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Helping You Do More with Your Dentrix System

These days, you have a lot going on in your office. Temperature checks for patients coming in to the practice, asking for and updating health history information for each patient, plus all of your normal front desk tasks like answering phones, scheduling appointments, and running check-out procedures.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had fewer phone calls to make to contact and schedule patients for their appointments? That’s where Dentrix Online Booking fits into the picture.

Dentrix Online Booking gives your current and potential patients the ability to schedule their own new-patient or continuing care appointments.

Here’s how it works:

Existing Patients

You send your existing patients an email reminder letting them know they are due for continuing care. This email contains a personalized link they can click to see open appointment times that they can book. They select the date and time that works best for them and click to schedule their appointment. Once they’ve done that, your office is notified and the appointment is scheduled in the Appointment Book, where it can be edited and procedures can be attached as needed.

New Patients

You create custom links and buttons which you can add to your practice website or social media pages encouraging patients to book an appointment. When prospective patients click the link, they select an appointment reason, choose a provider, and select the date and time for their appointment. Next they enter a few pieces of personal information, including a phone number and an email address, which is used to send them a verification code. Once they enter that code, their appointment is confirmed, your office is notified, and the appointment is scheduled in the Appointment Book.

Online Booking is a convenient way for new patients and continuing care patients to be able to book their appointments at their convenience. Your staff will appreciate making fewer phone calls and the reduced manual work of contacting patients and scheduling their appointments.

Want to know what it’s like for a patient to book an appointment? Read Online Booking from the Patient’s Perspective in Dentrix Magazine, or see an overview of how Online Booking works by in this video.