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How do you document your office fees? For many years, the Fee Schedule Report has been the go-to method. The printed report has some limitations. It can create a hard-copy record of either one or five fee schedules.

If you choose one fee schedule, the report will not include any procedures with a $0.00 fee. If you choose five fee schedules, you must include a sequential range of five (for example, fee schedules 3-7, or 14-18 – no skipping, picking, or choosing).

The Fee Schedule Maintenance area (Office Manager > Maintenance > Reference > Fee Schedule Maintenance) holds a more powerful and flexible way of viewing and documenting your fees: Export them to a file!

For specifics, see the Exporting Fee Schedules topic in Dentrix Help.

Your exported file can be opened in a spreadsheet, such as in Microsoft Excel. From there you can print the file, perform data analysis and comparison, or share the file with someone else.

You can even make changes to your fees if needed and then import them back into Dentrix. For specifics, see the Importing Fee Schedules topic in Dentrix Help.

For additional information, read It’s Time to Update Office Fees Again in Dentrix Magazine.