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Consider these two scenarios:

  • The doctor wants to take home a list of patients for the day so he can make follow-up calls with patients who had difficult procedures, such as implants or extractions.
  • The weather forecast in your area is looking increasingly bleak, and a massive storm is expected.  The office manager wants to take home a list of patients scheduled for the next couple of days in case the office has to close early or cancel appointments in the morning if the storm continues as predicted.

Both scenarios allude to a list you can generate with patient contact information. Where can you generate such a list?

The Scheduled Patients Phone List is part of the Daily Huddle Report and can be generated to include a selected date’s scheduled appointments. This list includes the date and time of their appointment, the assigned provider, and patient’s names and phone numbers.

Generate the Scheduled Patients Phone List from the Office Manager by clicking Analysis from the top menu, and then selecting Practice Advisor. Then select Daily Huddle Report. Select the date you want to print scheduled patients for under Enter Date for “Today” and make sure the Scheduled Patients Phone List option is selected. Then click Preview to open the list.

From the Preview window, you can print the list as needed and take it home to use when making phone calls.

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