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Dentrix G7.4 includes a redesigned insurance information window that gives you an easier way to manage patient insurance details. You can access this window from several different places in Dentrix, and the info you see changes based on which insurance details you’ll need at that moment.

Accessing from the Family File

If you double-click the Insurance block in the Family File, you will open the Insurance Information dialog box, which has a new Benefits/Coverage button. When you click this button, the new Dental Insurance Benefits and Coverage window opens, with the selected patient and subscriber information shown at the top of the window.

The tabs along the left side of this window show various information you may need to know or that you may want to document. For example, click the Deductibles/Maximums tab, and you can enter the plan’s deductibles and maximum benefits as well as the amounts already met and paid out for this patient this year.

Any changes you make to the information that applies to the specific patient will only change that patient’s information, while changes to the coverages, deductibles, exceptions, or general plan information will update the plan for all subscribers who are assigned to the plan.

A good way to illustrate this point is to open the plan the other way, through the Office Manager.

Accessing from the Office Manager

From the Office Manager, click the Maintenance menu, select Reference, and then click Insurance Maintenance. Select an insurance carrier from the list and click the Benefits/Coverage button. When the new Dental Insurance Benefits and Coverage window opens, it has all of the plan information but will be missing information specific to an individual patient.

For example, the subscriber and patient information is missing from the top of the window. Click the Deductibles/Maximums tab, and you’ll be missing the fields to enter how much has already been applied and met.

With the new Dental Insurance Benefits and Coverage window, you now have a single place you can go to access all of the information about an insurance plan instead of having to check multiple locations. Knowing how to get to the information that is patient-specific and plan-specific can save you time because you’ll know exactly where to look.

For additional information, watch this video or read the article titled, An Easier Way to Manage Patient Insurance Details in Dentrix Magazine.