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Chances are your practice has several computers—at the front desk, in the operatories, in the administrator’s office—and they are all probably running Dentrix. Have you ever had to use a different computer than normal and couldn’t easily find the Dentrix icons you were looking for to launch the module you needed?

Here’s a quick tip you can use so that you can always find the Dentrix modules you need, in the same place, on every office computer.

For each computer, log in to Dentrix, open the Office Manager, and click Maintenance > Practice Setup > Preferences. From the General Options tab, under Startup Options, click System Startup Settings. Select the option for Dentrix Quick Launch, and click OK.

This will add the Quick Launch icon to your Windows notification area (bottom right corner of your computer screen, near the date/time).

When you need to access Dentrix, right-click this icon to open a list of the main Dentrix modules, and select the one you need to open.

Set the same Startup Options preferences on each computer in the office, and you’ll be able to access Dentrix from a consistent location no matter which computer you use.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t see the Quick Launch icon, click the ^ button to open a list of icons available within your notification area.