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At times you may need to enter a new insurance plan into Dentrix. It’s a time-consuming process because you want to make sure you enter all the details about the plan correctly. One of the most important tasks is also the most time consuming—entering the plan’s coverage table details.

With the introduction of the Dental Insurance Benefits and Coverage dialog box in Dentrix G7.4, you can speed up the process of entering an insurance plan’s coverage table. Often times, you may have an existing insurance plan already within Dentrix that has a coverage table similar to the new one you need to enter.

You can use that other plan as a starting place and then only make changes to the specific areas that are unique to the new plan’s coverage you are entering. Let’s assume that you have already entered the new insurance plan information in Dentrix and are now ready to customize the coverage table.

Here’s how:

  1. From the Office Manager, click Maintenance > Reference > Insurance Maintenance.
  2. From the list of insurance carriers, select the one to enter a coverage table for, and then click Benefits/Cov.
  3. In the Dental Insurance Benefits and Coverage dialog box, click the Coverage Table tab on the left.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To use one of the five default coverage tables as a starting point, from the Select a Standard Coverage Table list, select the plan to base your coverage on. Click Yes to the message telling you that the current coverage table will be replaced.
    • To copy a coverage table from an existing plan to use as a starting point, click the search button next to Select Insurance Plan to Copy From, select the insurance plan to copy, and click OK. Click Yes to the message telling you that the current coverage table will be replaced.
  5. Within the coverage table, double-click any cell that needs to be updated to reflect the coverage of the new plan. For example, if the Restorative category of the new plan is covered at 80%, but the copied plan shows 70%, double-click the corresponding Cov% cell, enter the new amount, and click outside of the cell.
  6. Continue to make changes to the copied plan as needed, and when finished, click Save.
  7. Click Close to return to the Insurance Maintenance screen.

By using a similar insurance plan as a starting point and making the necessary changes to reflect the new plan’s coverage, you can save yourself the work of entering all plan details from scratch.

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