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With Dentrix ePrescribe, you can create and send electronic prescriptions to your patients’ preferred pharmacies, and at the same time, improve office efficiency and comply with state mandates.

When you open ePrescribe for a selected patient, some of the patient’s information is automatically downloaded to ePrescribe for you. However, you can add additional information, such as the patient’s email address, mobile phone number, preferred language, medication history and disclosure allowances, and current weight and height. This information is saved in ePrescribe and you can update it as needed.

Use these steps to update a patient’s information in ePrescribe:

  1. As an authorized ePrescribe user, log in to any Dentrix patient-specific module and select a patient.
  2. Click the Prescriptions button.
  3. In the Patient Prescriptions dialog box, click the Electronic Rx button.
  4. Click a patient’s name.
  5. Enter or change the information in the Patient’s dialog box.
  6. To save your changes, click Save & Close at the top of the dialog box.

You can also access the Patients dialog box, for patients who are currently stored in ePrescribe, from the Office Manager.

  1. Open the Office Manager.
  2. Click the Electronic Rx Task Mode button.
  3. Select a patient and follow steps 5 and 6 above.

Bonus Tips

  • To access ePrescribe from Dentrix, an authorized ePrescribe provider (or staff member) must log in with their Dentrix User ID and Password.
  • When needed, add the patient’s weight and height, which some pharmacies might require for pediatric or formulary medications.
  • While in the Patients dialog box, you can activate or inactivate the patient by clicking the corresponding option. An inactivated patient won’t be included in searches, reports, and ePrescribe won’t check their names for duplicates.
  • In the Patients dialog box, you can also add the patient’s insurance plan. Click Add Plan and follow the directions to add their insurance plan.

Additional Information

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